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Established in 1954, VIOKEF is the biggest manufacturer of lighting units and decorative glass in Greece. With its experience in the production field, it is capable of providing a range of high quality products that meet the modern requirements of the customer.
With premises that spread over 30.000m2, the company develops continuously, investing in equipment and high skilled personnel. 

The company qualifies its products into four production categories:
VIOKEF LIGHTING           Comprehensive range of lighting units
VIOKEF HOTEL LINE        Lighting solutions for the Hotel industry
VIOKEF GLASSWORKS    Glass production based on customer orders and needs
VIOKEF OBJECTS             Decorative and functional glassware collection

For all of us at Viokef, light is the source of life that surrounds all activities. Our main goal is
to create high quality and aesthetically pleasing lighting units that also have low energy
consumption and are harmless to the environment.

It is not by chance that our products are the first choice of architects and interior designers, offering a complete range of lighting solutions for any interior or exterior space both private and public.

The designers at Viokef create aesthetic and functional projects considering the needs of the customers.Source of inspiration is the interest for the people and their needs.


We use advanced technology that is environmental friendly and all products are marked with the CE directive according to the 73/23/EEC.

Viokef’s products constantly undergo strict quality controls in terms of color, stability of materials and resistance to heat and water.

The friendly and well-trained personnel at Viokef is always at your convenience, ready to inform you about any aspect of our products.

Having environmental awareness, Viokef designs its products for energy saving bulbs and constantly invests in LED technology.